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Santa Fe Farmers’ Market

May 15, 2010

We woke around 6:00 this morning because I wanted to get to the market before it got too crowded. The market in Santa Fe is located off Guadalupe Street in the Railyard.

There are both in-door accommodations and outdoor vendors under tents. Unlike my experience at a few previous markets, there was plenty of room for consumers to move around. No narrow passage ways between a gauntlet of producers hawking their wares or gawking consumers (me) getting in the way of the more seasoned, focused patrons on their way back to their adobe pads to whip up breakfast or prep the grill for some grass-fed beef or buffalo.

Since we are camping for the next three days between Santa Fe and Taos (and because one of my goals during my research is to create meals from market-bought food as much as possible), we browsed the stands a few times, took some mental notes and chose our favorites to help sustain our appetites:

Two french baguettes; dozen eggs; chorizo rope; bag of spinach, bag of kale, lavender honey, goat-milk dry feta (!), organic raspberry jam (uncooked and amazing), dried red chiles, and a bunch of garlic onions.

I will be heading back in about an hour to pick up a few more things, probably beef of some cut. Rain was in the forecast and I believe it is too early in the season for a wider variety of items.

Although there were some apples and some fresh raspberries, I was hoping for potatoes, a little cheaper asparagus, fresh pastas, hot food stands, etc. Therefore, I think we are going to supplement our market goods with some store-bought goods. While I love the items listed above, I enjoy them even more when paired with other items, possibly a potato-kale-garlic onion soup, some fresh tortillas for the eggs and chorizo and spinach, tomatoes, or pasta sauce. I want to keep the food as simple as possible, yet fulfilling while we hike and enjoy the mountains of Santa Fe.

The skies have cleared for now and the weather is fall-like, which should provide for some great camping weather. Below are some additional photos and I’ll be updating other features such as general comments about the market aesthetic, the vendors, the “brand” of consumers, and prices. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Pastries, Breakfast Burritos, and Coffee

Ladies enjoying breakfast and some light reading

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