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Going, going / Back, back / to Laramie

August 4, 2010

After last Saturday’s excursion to the Boulder Farmers’ Market with my little brother, Alex, who rode out to the middle brother’s establishment in CO with me, I’m ready for a lesser contact market experience this Friday in Laramie. I will have moved into my new apartment/house by then, as long as everything transitions smoothly and all the doors open and my belongings are still in my storage unit and have not been chewed full of holes by parched rodents. I want to experiment with my pasta roller and meat grinder Kitchen Aid attachments that I picked up from my food supply warehouse in Boonville. But, aside from getting to use my new gadgets, I’m really stoked that this market will give me room to breath and not force me through a gauntlet of aggressive (clothed) older women with canvas bags and big sunglasses to hide the age of their eyes and allow me the freedom to post up and take pictures inconspicuously, pictures in which people are going about their business, their farmers’ market business, and not gawking awkwardly at my camera or off in the distance or turning their head because they have focused on me. I’m ready for a market where, if it has a similar vibe as last year, will not encourage me to strap on a football helmet and take out a few unsuspecting women or babies in strollers or reverse clothesline any one who is cuts me off or is just plain rude or grumpy. This will not stand. I do not want to resort to full-contact farmers’ marketing.

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