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D.C. // American Indian // Air and Space Museum

August 5, 2011

After gawking my way through the Library of Congress for hours, I maneuvered around the capitol building, past a group of paramedics huddled around a young woman who had apparently fainted from the heat, and sidestepped numerous people posing for pictures. I was headed toward a body of water and a series of statues depicting various military heroes/battles where I eventually found a squirrel lounging beneath a shade tree.

The plan was to spend a little time at the Library of Congress, take a tunnel (which wasn’t that interesting) toward the Capitol Building , and then continue south (I think) down the mall, stopping by the American Indian  and Air and Space Museum’s before hopping the Red Line back to Crystal City and my uncle’s house. I was hot, because, if I haven’t mentioned it in a previous post, everywhere I went last summer was enjoying the hottest day of the year when I rolled into town. All the concrete. The city traffic. Hot air pluming from all the politicians and lobbyists and tourists. Combined, these factors made a short walk down a hill quite uncomfortable, and I was lacking water.

After saying goodbye to the squirrel and employing restraint when passing the shaved ice and hot dog carts, I stopped off at the American Indian Museum for a quick glance and some hydration. What I found was a smorgasbord of American Indian foods in the cafeteria. They had foods from all corners of the Americas: Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and more. Some sort of guest chefs were hanging around the cafeteria, getting samples from other chef’s creations, and after observing their selections and fumbling through my own hunger desires – and let me tell you, it took me way too long to decide – I picked up some fry bread with honey and cinnamon and a mole plate with chicken and beef. I ate my food, drank a couple bottles of water, and flipped through the American Indian cookbook I picked up in the bookstore for about an hour. It was a much needed rest as I could tell I was quite dehydrated.

The photos below are of the outside of the American Indian Museum and of some of the interesting exhibits in the Air and Space Museum. It’s not much, but then again, I wasn’t really taken aback by the Air and Space setup. Had I been ten or twelve, back when I was really fascinated with planes and space travel, I would have dug the experience much more. The museum was by far the most kid-populated place I had been during my time in D.C. In addition, I hope to add some photos of the food I took with my phone at a later date…once I get them uploaded.

Tonight, try some fry bread. Trust me, it is delicious…or a mole, if you enjoy a multi-ingredient endeavor!

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