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The New Food Network “Star”

August 29, 2011

This guy. This guy. Jeff Mauro. The self-styled Sandwich King. The “Balls on the Roll” guy from the food truck episode of the next food network star 2011. I just googled his name and apparently there is at least one guy at BuddyTV that enjoys, or did enjoy, Mauro as a personality chef, but I just can’t get around his “winging it” attitude and how anyone at Food Network thought that he was a good fit for a network that tends to be doing less and less with its new “stars” and “shows.”

I’ll admit that there is something about the network that still captivates me–it is probably the food, and the fact that I’m always hungry; maybe chopped, which I sometimes enjoy–but I can’t figure out how this guy, Jeff Mauro, was sufficient enough, in personality, technique, and show idea, to win that drawn-out bore of a “challenge” show.

I got a new slogan for you, Food Network: Welcome to Food Network, Where We Turn Any Regular Joe into a TV Chef, and any TV Chef into a Regular Joe. If I wanted to watch myself cook, I would put mirrors in my kitchen. And. And. If I’ve got time to make a gourmet sandwich. Why? Sandwiches are best utilized as leftover experiments, as means of cleaning out the fridge and using up that loaf of bread.

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