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November 15, 2011

Still searching for a more consistent presence in my relationship with WordPress. For today, I have decided to add a few photos of my colleagues at the “I Have a Dream” Foundation here in Boulder County.  The first two pics were taken during our retreat in Allenspark where I believe an old building/church/Pope hot spot burned down yesterday.

The excellent picture above is of all the new staff/AmeriCorps members prior to our reflection walk around the lake (in the rain).

Does the “funny photo” — which is popular among the kids these days — need any introduction? Hiding in the background, under the umbrella, I obviously don’t know how to be funny on command. The rain is a little more prominent in this shot. Later, I’ll try to add the exceptionally unique “jump photo” from our AmeriCorps retreat in Buena Vista.

(Photo Credit: Casie Zalud)

Here we are, all fancy-shmancy, at the Dream-Maker Luncheon where food was consumed and money raised to help support the newest class of Dreamers. Lora has this great hand-hip sway-thing going on, and I look like someone has stolen my teeth.

See you next time: same bat time, same bat channel!

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